Catching a Particular Dog – In a Nutshell

My colleague, Sujatha, from New Delhi, sends me  wonderful questions about dog capture and handling.  He has been working tirelessly over the past few months to care for a fragile street dog in particular, though he works with a strong ABC (animal birth control) program and works with many dogs.  He writes: “There are so many situations where we need to get a dog caught – when a dog is injured or is sick but is not friendly enough to be picked up easily.  How do people single handedly try and catch dogs?”

There is no easy answer, but here was my best try at the moment…

Unfortunately, there will always be dog we cannot catch.   And doing it alone makes it far more difficult.  As you know, we have a much better chance of catching most dogs when we can use Time in our favor to earn the animal’s trust or to modify its habits so it begins using areas where we can indeed capture it. Continue reading