How Can I Buy or Make a Y Pole?

GWR 2-Piece Y Pole

For your convenience, Global Wildlife Resources is now offering a Y pole for sale on our website.  Visit our on-line store.

I have had many requests to provide a Y pole for those handling fearful dogs.    Continue reading

Using the Y Pole to Catch a Wolf

People can get very upset when they hear the word “dominance” used.   I will NEVER promote punitive or demeaning actions towards a dog or wolf.   Call it leadership with confidence.  In this video I call it “compassionate dominance”.  Whatever we wish to call it, here is a video demonstrating the use of the Y pole which is much more humane and safe for the wolf than catching them with nets.

Catching a Mexican Wolf Using Y Poles

For an awesome article on the Y Pole and how to make them – visit our Free Training Library.

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Another need for the Y pole and humane handling

A recent news article came out about a dog hoarding case in Harney County Oregon with 50 suffering dogs. The struggle for me is to see the frustrations and challenges with catching these dogs in order to give them a better life.  I have assisted with several hoarding cases with HSUS as well as rescuing dogs after Hurricane Katrina and appreciate the incredible challenges for the animal control officers.  Too often the people are struggling to protect themselves and do not know the strategies or the tools, and it becomes a frantic and brutal fight.

There are calm and humane approaches to gathering dogs such as those at Harney County.  The Y pole is a great tool if calmness and compassion is an inherent part of it.   The Y pole simply used as a physical stick, however, will not be effective.   I cannot afford to volunteer with these situations, but it motivates me to create more on my website and with a training video.  If you are interested in helping me create these valuable resources for the animal shelters and control officers please contact me.

Also, I value your comments about what Global Wildlife Resources can provide to meet your needs for handling feral dogs.  Please let us know.

I  sincerely wish for a safe, calm, and successful gathering for the animal welfare workers in Harney County.

To learn about the Y pole, how to use them, and how to make them visit our Free Training Library and Y Pole Page.


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