Headcovers for Dogs

Headcover on Wolf

The dog family, Canidae, which includes dogs, wolves, and coyotes love to hide.  They feel very safe hidden away in their dens.   Whenever you are working with dogs, cover their heads with a towel, or cover their trap or crate when you move them.  And some people will really like using this headcover.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of wild and captive wolves.   When I first get them in hand with a Y pole I cover their head with a towel.  Even when I catch wolves (or dogs) with a net, I cover them with a towel to help calm them down and to make is safer for me to handle them.

Headcover on Wolf During While Teaching a Lab

Some programs will really like using the headcover.  The one I am writing about here is called the Wolf Quick Muzzle from Four Flags Over Aspen in Minnesota.  We typically put this on the dog or wolf after we have drugged them.  When it is anesthetized it protects their eyes from sunlight.  And as they wake up, they are still in the dark which is safer for the people and makes things quieter for the dog or wolf.

I brought several headcovers with me when working with the Ladakhi Animal Care Society in India with Vets Beyond Borders.  This is a trap/neuter/release program.  The surgeons really liked the headcovers.   It was much safer for them and the dogs woke up more slowly.

Dr. Sunil and Mr. Rajendra from Help in Suffering

Sometimes over the years when we have to move a dog or a wolf from one pen to another we can calmly approach and humanely control the animal with the Y pole, put a towel over its head, put hobbles on, then put a headcover on.  The headcover truly has a calming effect and we can pick up the animal, carry it to another location, then release.

I designed this headcover myself, but I do not get any money for promoting it.  I just believe in this valuable tool.  In 1995-1996 I was Project Veterinarian for the Yellowstone Wolf Reintroduction.   We captured wolves in Canada and re-introduced them into Yellowstone Park where I worked.  I wanted something to make it safer for both the wolves and the people. Information on Wolf Quick Muzzle

Do any of you have experiences with covering the dogs to calm them down?   I would love to hear your story.

Best wishes,