Dr. Mark’s View of the Master Dog Handling Classes in India

Banner for Master Dog Handling Courses

What an incredible experience teaching three 5-day courses to dog handlers from all across India and to receive support for these classes from the Animal Welfare Board of India, Vets Beyond Borders, Jeevashram, the Municipal Corporation of Gurgoan, and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.  I am honored to be a part of this and I believe this government supported program will have excellent influence on the culture of dog handling in India.

For Phase 1, I taught about 50 students over the three courses.  These “train-the-trainer” courses included classroom time with PowerPoint and Video, afternoon hands-on labs,  sunrise

Dr. Mark teaching netting techniques

captures, and student presentations to strengthen their ability to teach.  All of the dogs gathered for this course were sterilized by Jeevashram veterinarians, vaccinated, and returned to where they were captured.  The course was held at Jeevashram in Village Rajokri near Delhi and I am extremely grateful to Dr. Sharma and his colleagues and staff for working so hard in hosting the course. Continue reading