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Boxtrapping Video Title snapshotI have produced an excellent training video on DVD on Humane Box Trapping of Dogs.  It is for sale on my GWR Products Page.  This is the only extensive training video on box trapping.  It not only covers the basics in detail, it also describes how to catch the most difficult dogs, how to catch more than one dog, and how to transfer dogs from the trap to transport crates.  The video focuses on the TruCatch 48F Folding Dog Trap which I have used all around the world, but this video can be used to train how to catch dogs with other brands of traps, including home-made traps.

GWR 2-Piece Y Pole

GWR 2-Piece Y Pole

I have also produced aluminum Y poles that are perfect for animal shelters and animal control officers.  These are also available on my GWR Products Page.  As many of you know, several years ago I introduced the Y pole to the animal welfare community around the world as a humane tool for working with fearful dogs.  It is metal extension of your hand to reach out to the animal.  As I am introducing and teaching it, it is NOT a tool to pin the animal to the wall.  It is a way to compassionately ask the dog if it will cooperate so you hand handle it.  My goal is to see that every animal shelter in North America and across the world knows about the Y pole and will strive to use them in the compassionate way I am teaching.  In animal shelters it will replace most used of the more aggressive snare pole (also called the “catch pole” and “rabies stick”)  To learn more about the Y pole visit my Y Pole Page and watch videos of the Y pole on my YouTube Channel: GWRFeralDogs.


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