CATCHING DOGS WITH A NET Part 3 of 4. Netting Sleeping Dogs and Other Tricks

Part 3 of 4. Netting Sleeping Dogs and Other Tricks (with videos)

Catching a Resting Dog

sleeping dogYou can see from Part 2 of this series on netting that when we are catching a dog running along a wall, we are going to sweep the net straight into the dog.  But when catching a dog that is sleeping or laying down, we will use the net in a different way.  Instead we place the net over the dog and many times it will be done softly to keep the dog’s energy low.  After placing the net over the dog, throw the net away from you.  Then slide the hoop on the ground towards you (a quick jerk can be enough) and the dog will try to struggle away from you and will move back into the deep part of the net.  Quickly follow with the twist, Y pole, and towel as described in Part 2.

It is often easier to catch resting dogs when there are a lot of people on the streets.   Stimulus is everywhere and if you stay relaxed, you are just one of the people.

Here is a video with some examples of catching dogs with nets.  My comments will follow. Continue reading

CATCHING DOGS WITH A NET Part 2 of 4. Catching a Running Dog Along a Fence

Netting dog earlyOne very effective way of catching dogs is when they are running along a fence or wall.   Sometimes the only way a dog can run past you is if it runs between you and a wall, so it is good to learn this technique.  I have learned how to use nets to catch wolves at zoos and other captive wolf programs in the U.S.   From my later experience handling street dogs I have modified my technique and softened my behavior to scare the dog less and added a Y pole and a towel to reduce their struggling and stress.

This is Part 2 of a four part series on netting dogs.  In this article I will describe:

  • How to practice before you begin to catch dogs.
  • How to catch a dog running along a wall.
  • Ways of Being as well as the ways of doing, because we are asking the dog to run by us. (Good posture.  Relax.  Invite them to run past you.)
  • How to use nets with a line of people to catch a dog in a large open area. Continue reading