CATCHING DOGS WITH A NET Part 1 of 4. Net Description and Added Tools

Part 1 of 4. Net Description and Added Tools

Photo by JBF India.

Photo by JBF India.

Nets can be a very humane and effective way of catching street dogs.  They are a versatile tool for animal control officers, disaster responders, those rescuing hoarding cases, and spay/neuter programs (ABC programs in India).  A net can also be a valuable tool for handling fearful dogs in animal shelters – yes for dogs too, not just cats!

Yet there is no information available on how to use a net successfully and humanely.  Here at the Feral Dog Blog I will provide you this rare and valuable information.  In addition to netting I am introducing and encouraging people to use a Y pole (when there are at least 2 people) and a towel.  Learn more later.

In this a four part blog article, I will describe:

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