Bridger Mountains, Bozeman MT

I am excited to announce that we have recently scheduled a non-chemical capture and handling course here in my home town of Bozeman, MT near Yellowstone Park.  The course will be Oct. 15-16, 2011 at the Western Heritage Inn in Bozeman.

My apologies for this late notice but it became a relatively informal gathering of people who expressed a serious interest in our training courses.  Now other people & organizations have decided to join us as well.

The Y Pole - an essential tool for shelters

This is a dog non-chemical capture and handling course that is essential training for animal control officers, shelter staff, disaster responders, rescue workers responding to hoarding cases/puppy mills, spay/neuter programs, and those rescuing dogs in general.  “Compassionate Dog Handling” is not taught anywhere else in the world. Throughout the course we explore how to work in a calm manner and without fighting the dogRegister through our GWR website.

Dog Non-Chemical Capture and Handling Workshop

Learning How to Not Fight the Animal

Humane Physical Restraint, Leash Work And Leash Muzzle Wrap

Netting, Proper Technique with Catch Poles

The Y Pole – an Essential Tool for Shelters

Boxtraps and Capture Pens – Bringing the Dogs To Us

Catching Dogs in Large Enclosures

GWR courses promote care, honor, and respect

  for each animal that is handled;

and are often profound experiences for course participants.

The course includes a course notebook and Certificate of Training.  No live dogs are used in this course.  The course is vibrant with videos, slides, visual aids, and lively discussion. The class is limited to 40 people, so register early! The 2-day course fee is $375. Places in the course are reserved once payment is received.  Class begins at 9am each morning.

 Register On-line through our GWR website!


Print registration from website course listing and mail to:

Global Wildlife Resources, Inc.

P.O. Box 10248, Bozeman MT 59719-0248

 Special Lodging Offer

Western Heritage Inn will provide a reduced room rate for attending the course.

Simply mention the humane dog handling course when you register.

For more information and registration form

visit our website Course Schedule.

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