How Can I Buy or Make a Y Pole?

GWR 2-Piece Y Pole

For your convenience, Global Wildlife Resources is now offering a Y pole for sale on our website.  Visit our on-line store.

I have had many requests to provide a Y pole for those handling fearful dogs.    The GWR Y pole is built from 10 gauge aluminum with a two piece handle that screws together with an attached aluminum coupler.  Aluminum is very strong, yet lightweight and won’t corrode over time. Total handle length is 4.5 feet (1.4 m).   Each tine is 6.5 in. (16.5 cm).   This well-built aluminum Y pole is unfinished and needs padding before it can be used with dogs.

Two pieces make it portable in vehicles and the shorter length can be used in confined kennel spaces.  Since it is unfinished, the tines can be cut shorter before wrapping if you are working with smaller dogs.  Weight is 2 ¼ lbs (1.02 kg) before padding. Price is $99 which includes shipping within the continental United States. Directions for Finishing a GWR Y Pole are included.
You can also purchase Y poles from:

Animal Care Equipment Services

And you can make a Y pole.  To get directions, visit our Free Training Library .

I believe the Y pole is an essential tool for animal shelters and anyone handling fearful dogs.  It embodies a calm, compassionate approach to handling street dogs.  For this reason, I am making an inexpensive Y pole  for sale on our website and providing other locations for purchasing a Y pole and directions for making a Y pole.
Visit The Y Pole Page for more information. Dr. Mark

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