Just Returned from HSUS Pet Expo

I have just returned from the Humane Society of the US Pet Expo in Nashville, TN.  I have attended and taught workshops at previous expos, but it has been awhile.  I was extremely impressed with the passion, the resources, and the remarkable people who are dedicated to reduce animal suffering and generally create a better world.

The exhibitors played a very strong role in supporting Expo and they provide awesome resources for the animal welfare professional, whoever you are.   I visited with most of the companies providing capture and handling equipment and I not only learned about new equipment and new ways of using the old equipment, I realized how responsive they are to new ideas for products or how to modify existing products.

One example of a responsive company who carries capture and handling equipment is Campbell Pet Company, who sells the Snappy Snare.  They heard how dogs can quickly bite through the nylon Snappy Snare and so they made a stainless steel one!

I had a chance to visit with remarkable individuals running spay/neuter or TNR programs in other parts of the world, including India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Romania, Butan, Peru, and many other countries.  I was in awe with how they overcame challenges with so little to work with.  One example is Grupo Caridad Spay/Neuter in Lima Peru.  If  you wish to reduce human and animal suffering I encourage you to find out about these programs, supported by Humane Society International, and give them donations.  It is remarkable has much your financial support will accomplish.

I co-instructed a Tools of the Trade workshop with Dave Pauli and had another chance to promote the Y pole.  Again, I noticed how few people know about the Y pole.  I was excited to see the enthusiasm and many attendees said they were going to get one or two for their shelter.  They acknowledged how the Y pole embodies compassionate handling of fractious dogs.  I showed the video that is on this blog about Using Dominance to Catch a Wolf and I had to assure them that no that is not a trained wolf!  It growls at us for a reason and had never seen the Y pole before!

So, I am excited with the things I have learned and have many more ideas for this blog.

I have not written for almost two weeks and apologize.  I have been traveling  a lot lately.   Please tell me what  you would like to see and I will write about it.  I WOULD LOVE TO RECEIVE YOUR QUESTIONS.

Best wishes, Mark

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