Feral dog attacks and rabies are as bad as ever worldwide.

It is surprising how few people are aware of the suffering caused by feral dogs in the U.S. and throughout the world and how much feral dogs suffer through starvation, abuse, and disease.   In the U.S. the feral dog situation is actually increasing acording to National Geograpshic News at: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/08/0821_030821_straydogs_2.html .  I have taken three trips to India to teach humane capture and handling for spay neuter programs.   The World Health Organization (WHO)  estimates that India accounts for 60% o f the rabies cases with 22,000 human rabies cases each year caused primarily by feral dogs.  During my last trip to India I handled 2 rabid dogs myself.  (Yes, I am vaccinated!)

The proven solution for areas overwhelmed by feral dogs is to conduct extensive trap neuter release programs, but few organizations know how to successfully, safely, and humanely capture and handle feral dogs. Our non-profit, GWR, continues to work on videos, The Feral Dog Library, and publications to make this information available worldwide.

To raise awareness we are gathering photos, videos, and published information on dogs attacking humans and on feral dog rabies.  Please contact us if you have such educational material.   We also seek tax-deductable donations to fund these important projects including:  website development,  training videos, and publications.   Visit our website at: http://wildliferesources.org/ to learn more and email me at mjohnson@wildliferesources.org if you have an interest in helping us.  Help us make a difference around the world.

Mark R. Johnson DVM

Wildlife Veterinarian

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