Welcome to my Feral Dog Weblog


The purpose of this site was initially  to tell the story of first my trip to Ladakh, India to help an animal shelter capture dogs for sterilization.  This has led to 3 more trips to India.  The last in 2011 was five weeks long training Master Dog Handlers for the government of India (Animal Welfare Board of India) with the support of Vets Beyond Borders and the Bridgette Bardotte Foundation.  This blog will expand to provide more information on tools and techniques for humane capture and handling. My goal is to develop a comprehensive source of articles, e-b0oks, and videos which will benefit animal welfare programs around the world.  To those working in the animal welfare circles, Thank You!  Toether we are striving to make the world a better place one animal at a time.

Mark Johnson DVM (Dr. Mark)

Please visit the ABOUT information to learn about Dr. Johnson and Global Wildlife Resources.

And visit the Training Page for a list of courses I am teaching.

Dr. Mark

Hamilton, Montana   December, 2016

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